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Four years of aggressive advocacy

Thanks for your patience with
a work in progress!

chinaman's hat, Oahu Hawaii

We just got back from the 23rd annual Pac Rim
Conference on Disabilities, in Honolulu, Hawaii

who said a blind woman can't ride a horse!

Nancie, the Lau family, and Rain Man Kim Peeks

We presented DUDE's message to folks from all around the world,
and got our organizing model in the program for over
800 convention goers. Another milestone. Nancie,
Isaac, Tami, and Mrs. Lau with the original
Rain Man, Kim Peek

First Friday fundraiser
Nov. 3 2006

musicians and friends with disabilities perform and party

Special thanks to all who attended, donated, and helped us with
what we hope will become an annual event!

table with silent auction donations

We are now able to bring our outreach with us anywhere,
thanks to a gracious donation by
Shepherd of the Valley Church.

donations for fundraiser

thanks again for all the awesome donations,
read the list of donors on our Events page

Southern Oregon Stand Down

We spent a rainy weekend working with some really
great service providers helping homeless
veterans access services, meet old
friends, and chow down on some awesome grub.

chuck visits service providers at vendors' tents

awesome volunteers came to help us table

Friends helped us table and pass the hours

nancie stands in front of chow line full of vets

spaghetti, salad, juice, bananas, bread...

Food was great, there was plenty, that's a real brownie!

Chuck gets a hair cut from young lady volunteer

You'd be smiling too if you were here,
Steve our cameraman got a shave and a
haircut after Chuck was done,
there was just no one around
to take the picture.

candle and flowers

Saturday night there was a great bluegrass concert
and a memorial for the (then) 22 Oregon
casualties in Iraq. Thanks to all who
helped us help those who answered the call.

July 4, 2006, Ashland

Special thanks
to Southern Oregon
Jobs With Justice for bringing us on board
what had to be the biggest float in the
Independence Day parade in Ashland.
Brought to you by the folks who invented
the eight hour day, the minimum wage, child labor laws...

Chuck wheels over sidewalk chalk in parade

chuck in wheelchair in parade with giant float

Disability Recreation Project

what a great day fishin'
out at Howard Prarie Lake on the
accessible Jetty that DRP made for all of us,
June 2006

wheelchair-accessible jetty filled with people fishing

people fish for trout off jetty

woman in chair fishes from jetty

Check out the video on our video page!

22nd Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities

Isaac in crowd of table displays, people

crowd of people tabling

We met so many cool people here, administrators,
health professionals, politicians, and constituents

Nancie with hammer on big screen at fundraiser dinner 

Nancie hammered hurricane stripping
on the Honolulu Ability House

and made it on the screen in yet another state


DASIL has been a wonderful resource in this Valley for years.

We were lucky enough to work with them for a few of those
years, watch the video on the DUDE video page.

nathan talks to ax

Nathan interviews Ax about DASIL

Dawn has a beautiful hat

dawn has a pretty hat

 The DUDE Bill HB 3268


legislators hand founder hb 3268

 Representative Peter Buckley presents founder Nathan Jacobi
with the original framed copy of HB 3268
"The DUDE Bill."
We take HB 3268 to various locations to
remind Oregonians with disabilities that they
have the right to appeal reclassification.

 news anchor interviewing nathan

Nathan presents at Portland Wellness VI
conference 2005

  presentation at seminar
we do presentations on an ongoing basis
please let us share with your group!

Measure 40, Health Care

as a Human Right in Oregon

We were minor helpers in Oregon Action's
campaign for public health for all Oregonians
we wish we could have done more, of course!

Watch the kickoff rally on our video page.


measure 40 gathering

Senator Alan Bates greets constitutents 

caren caldwell and others spoke

Caren: "If you want peace, work for justice"

oregon action board member speaks for health care

Tv shows
about health care for all Oregonians

senator Alan Bates, MD on our show


 Other Reclassification Appeals

 We made a number of short videos
that were used in court to appeal
reclassification like the ones we
got started fighting.

we used this video in another appeal

Time for DUDEs

our community access show on RVTV

since 2004
since renamed to DUDE: In Progress
Our VP Chuck Cheatum has been on and off the screen
since 2004 and won this year's Informational Show on RVTV!

live television show in production

2007 Cat Award for Best Informational Show

Thanks to RVTV viewers for this year's
CAT Award for Best Informational Show!!!

Perfectly Mobile

This was the video we sent to

Oregon legislators, the media, oh, everywhere;
the result was HB 3268.

perfectly mobile

 Katrina's wheelchair is too big for her kitchen or bathroom.

she makes her food on the floor

 She crawls around and makes her food on the floor.

what if you become disabled?

Restoration Now!

This was our big rally against reclassification
and Measure 30, April 20 2004. At the time,
this was the biggest rally of its
type Medford had ever seen.

marchers in wheelchairs and friends

more marchers

still more marchers

sit in at the dhs

January 2004: Measure 30

founder Nathan Jacobi at first DUDE rally

Nathan Jacobi announces the formation of DUDE
on the courthouse steps in protest of state cuts
to health care funding. DUDE President
Jim Sims holds the sign advocating for
Measure 30, which would have helped.