marchers with signs and disabilities and allies

             DUDE Aggressive Advocacy

                Check out our 2-minute promotional short video

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             I'm the Star but You're the Heavens

                Fran and Kim Peek, the real Rain Man, discuss autism
                and the frontiers of science and technology at the 2007
                Pacific Rim Conference on Disabilities         

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This will be updated shortly!

Rider Alert: Save Route 4!

rider alert!

We fought the cut of the bus line to the Rogue Valley Medical Center, route 4
by riding the bus, talking to people, and advocating in the media.

disabled confront chairman ed chapman

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(5 1/2 minutes)

Disability Recreation Project
Fifth Annual Trout Fishing Derby

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howard prarie lake dock built by drp & co
people fishing from jetty
people fishing

Oregon Action Measure 40 Kickoff

                 Oregon Action and a number of other groups organized behind
                several plans for universal health care for all Oregonians and
                this year legislation like that is heading through Salem. This
                video of the kickoff ceremony is still relevant today.

the reception was packed, Dr. Bates says hi

caren caldwell: get busy, jesus is coming

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(1 hour)

                        The DUDE Bill

                            Legislators present DUDE founder Nathan Jacobi with framed
            copy of HB 3268 and discuss consequences of new law.

                            Reps. Buckley, Esquivel, Sen. Bates, N. Jacobi
                            dude bill handoff

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                  (45 minutes)


Perfectly Mobile

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Katrina was reclassified as less disabled than she was before by the Department of Human Services
without new medical evidence. We mailed this five minute video to legislators to support HB 3268.

she pours milk into a bowl on the floor

montage: Katrina speaking and crawling


updated May-June 2007